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‘Malo Lago’ Tavern

Located in Solitudo Hotel, 'Malo Lago' Tavern offers different fish and meat specialties. (continue reading)

“Pece” Tavern

For almost 30 years, Pece Tavern aims to provide all patrons with the best specialties and services. The tavern is situated in a picturesque location... (continue reading)

“Santor” Tavern

"Santor" Tavern is situated by the sea in Zaklopatica Bay. It offers a peaceful atmosphere with a maximum of 30 guests and is a family... (continue reading)

‘Aragosta’ Tavern

'Aragosta' Tavern is located by the sea in Zaklopatica Bay. Along with live music, the tavern offers many different dishes and specialties, some of which... (continue reading)

‘Brain’ Tavern

'Brain' Tavern is a family run restaurant located in Zaklopatica Bay and offers variety of fresh fish and meat specialties. It is highly praised for... (continue reading)

‘Augusta Insula’Tavern

'Augusta Insula Tavern' offers the pleasant atmosphere of a typical Dalmatian tavern whose restaurant serves dishes which showcase the specialties of Lastovo, all made with... (continue reading)

Triton Tavern

Triton Tavern is acclaimed by visitors from all over the world for its style, tradition and home cooking. The tavern has an exclusive restaurant which... (continue reading)

‘Nautica’ Tavern

Real food lovers will be more than satisfied at 'Nautica' restaurant. The restaurant is just a few steps away from the apartments and offers a... (continue reading)

Porto Rosso Nautical Center

Porto Rosso Nautical Center has a Dalmatian-style restaurant, cocktail bar, marina, beach, friendly staff and a variety of other facilities to ensure an enjoyable visit.... (continue reading)

Pod Pinjule

Pod Pinjule is a winery located in the heart of the island between Lastovo and Skrivena Luka. It has a unique atmosphere and allows you... (continue reading)
Tako to mora bit

Tako to mora bit

The tavern "Tako to mora bit" (that's the way it has to be) is located close to the church of saint Anthony or just around... (continue reading)

‘Bačvara’ Tavern

'Bačvara' Tavern is a charming family-run tavern located at the bottom the village in Lastovo. It never ceases to satisfy all of its patrons with... (continue reading)

‘Amfora’ Tavern

Located on Pjevor street, 'Amfora' Tavern offers a magnificent view of Lastovo's canal of Korčula Island. The restaurant offers a variety of fish and meat... (continue reading)

Did you know that Lastovo was a part of Dubrovnik's Republic?