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‘Augusta Insula’Tavern

‘Augusta Insula Tavern’ offers the pleasant atmosphere of a typical Dalmatian tavern whose restaurant serves dishes which showcase the specialties of Lastovo, all made with locally caught fish and ingredients grown from the fertile fields of Lastovo.

Basic info

  • Contact person: Lučo Jurica
  • Location: Zaklopatica bay
  • Street and house number: Zaklopatica

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Plaže u blizini

Kručica Bay

Kručica Bay has two small pebbled beaches with natural shade ideal for families with children. Kručica Bay can be reached by boat or on foot via the marked forest path which begins at (approximately) the half-way point of the main road from Ubli to Lastovo. Sea sandals are recommended.  

Korita Bay

Korita Bay is located 1 km from Zaklopatica Bay and can be reached on foot on a macadam road or by boat.  It has natural shade and great potential for picnics. Sea sandals are recommended.  


Zaklopatica bay

Situated on its northern part, only 2 km from Lastovo village, it is well known for its so called islet "Zaklopatica" on which the rare specie of birds - called Kaukala is nesting. Zaklopatica is heaven for divers and yachtsmen who can enjoy the well-know beauties of the Lastovo archipelago and its magnificent bays. Zaklopatica offers a breath taking view of the neighboring island Korčula.  Here you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, leisurely walks and many restaurants offering the best of Dalmatian cuisine. From Zaklopatica You can enjoy into beautiful and unique sunset.

Your comments

Unfortunately we did not get to eat there so we cannot rate the food.

However we did make a confirmed reservation to dock and eat there. When we turned up as planned the owner had given the spot to another yacht. And the reaction from the owner was very arrogant, he made us feel cheap and sent us away. He made no attempt to savage the situation.

It is sad that you cannot rely on this restaurant to hold its reservations.

Thankfully the storm that night was not a heavy one, but as a Skipper, you need to be able to rely on your dock reservations 110%. Other skippers please be careful when booking their dock, either enter as early as possible or have a plan B just in case.

/ New Zealand / 3.9.2019.

Food was to much expencive! I was dissapointed!

/ 15.7.2015.

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