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“Pece” Tavern

For almost 30 years, Pece Tavern aims to provide all patrons with the best specialties and services. The tavern is situated in a picturesque location in Ubli just 100 meters from the ferry port and 11 kilometers from the Lastovo’s main center. To be more accessible, free mooring is offered approximately 10 metres away from the tavern for up to 10 boats. The restaurant’s large terrace offers astonishing views of the Lastovo’s archipelago. The menu features homemade food made by the owner’s family recipies. Fresh cheese is made almost on a daily basis, as well as bread freshly baked in the wood oven. The tavern offers on-site delivery and free transport for guests. ‘Pece’ Tavern can hold up to 60 people and they aim to transcend their knowledge, passion, love and energy into all they offer.

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Zaglav Bay

Zaglav Bay is located on the south-west side of the island. Its beach has shade provided by pine trees and sea sandals are recommended.  

Pionir Pier

Pionir Pier is located in Ubli and is a popular spot for children and the elderly with natural shade. It is conveniently close to the restaurant "Pece".



Ubli or Uble , like the local people call it , is situated on the south-west part of the island. Ubli is the port of Lastovo. In Ubli the are remains of the singe nave Christian basilica built between the V-VI century and it was dedicated to St.Peter. Among many findings in the basilica most notable is an early Christian relief portraying, the cross and two lambs. Original is stored in the Archeological Museum in Zadar. After the archeological research , the basilica was conserved and classified as a monument of highest category. From Ubli to Pasadur (west) one can enjoy walking with nice promenade 3 km long.    

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    Did you know that on Lastovo there are 46 churches, fields and islets?