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The Poklad Carnival of Lastovo

Lastovo’s Poklad Carnival is one of the oldest traditions in Croatia and Europe, dating to over 500 years old…

The origins of the carnival derive from a celebration of a miraculous victory. Legend has it that while Catalonians were attacking Lastovo’s neighbouring island Korčula, they sent one of their men to Lastovo to give the islanders a warning and ultimatum: give up without a fight or suffer the consequences. Unwilling to oblige, the islanders turned to God and prayed for His mercy. Astonishingly, their prayers were answered. Out of nowhere, a powerful storm destroyed all of the Catalonian ships and Lastovo was saved.

To celebrate their victory, the Lastovians captured the Catalonian messenger and decided to make a fool of him by parading him through the village on a donkey and attaching him to a rope tied between the top and lower center of the village to lower him down.

The present-day festivities tied to the carnival begin on the 17th of January on the feast day of Saint Anthony the Great and end with the climactic re-enactment of the events on Ash Wednesday.

Every year, Lastovians from all over the island and world proudly participate and support the celebrations and traditions associated with the centuries-old carnival and therein raise awareness of its uniqueness that sets Lastovo apart from anywhere else. On the 17th of January 2008, Croatia’s Ministry of Culture proclaimed Lastovo’s Poklad Carnival as an intangible cultural assed and therefore, its integrity is protected.

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Please can you give me the dates of the Poklad in 2019?

/ Croatia / 17.11.2018.

Frequently asked questions

1.Is there ATM machine on the island ???

We have two ATM mashines on the island; near Splitska banka in Lastovo and in Port near Jadrolinija’s office.

2. Where is a gas station ???

In port Ubli.

3. Is there a pharmacy on the island ???

We have a basic supply of medicines in pharmacy which is working only 1 hour a day, from 13-14 hours,every day except Sunday and holiday. For emergency there is attending doctor on guard.

4. Why is Lastovo town not on the sea ???

Because of the defense purposes it was build on mainland. In the past Lastovo was often attacked  by pirates from the sea and for defense purposes local people built their settlements on the hill.

5. Can we by some basic swimming equipment on Lastovo ???

We have two small local shops ( one near Tourist office and another near bank) with basic swimming accessories like mask, swim wear, madras etc.

6. Can we pay with Euro and credit cards in the shops and restaurants ??

In most of the shops and restaurants You can pay with credit card. Euro is not accepted.

7.Where we can by the tickets for the ferry and can we reserve a ticket ????

Tickets can be bought in Jadrolinija’s office in Ubli or on line, and there is no reservations possible.


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