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Cultural heritage

Many cultural goods, material and non material are testifying to the rich history of Lastovo island.


Iz 14 st. Crkvica se nalazi u uvali Mihajla, 1 km od mjesta Lastova. Zvali su je Sv. Anđeo ili Arhanđeo u luci. Spominje se... (continue reading)

Sv.Marija na Grži

Built in 1442 through the merit of the Reverend Marin Vlahanović as evident from the entrance door: "In the year of our Lord 1442, the... (continue reading)

Sv.Ivan Krstitelj

Iz 14 st. U luneti je tekst o gradnji i grb svećenika Vlahanovića: " U Kristovo ime godine 1340. bila je započeta gradnja crkve od... (continue reading)


Sagrađena je u drugoj polovici 14. st. i nadograđena u 17. st. čime  se sjedinilo i štovanje dvaju svetaca: Sv. Antuna Opata (Pustinjaka) i Sv. Antuna... (continue reading)

Struga lighthouse

In the middle of the southern side of the island of Lastovo, at the entrance to the bay of Skrivena Luka lies the Cape of... (continue reading)


Building of this church in the second half of the 16th century by the only access to Lastovo town from the coast was motivated by... (continue reading)


On the northern part od Makarac islet, in the middle of Velo Lago bay,in the XV/XVI century, the late Gotich chapel was build.     (continue reading)


The church was built in the 11 th century, bearing all the characteristics of a pre-Romanesque church. It is assumed to have been built by... (continue reading)


Was built in the early 16th century. The feast day of St.Lucy, the patroness of eyesight is on 13 December, a tradition being to follow... (continue reading)

Ss.Cosmo and Damian

This parochial church, dedicated to two physician-saints, the brothers Ss.Cosmo and Damian, is built below Dovac, at the place since ancient times used by the... (continue reading)

Rector’s Palace

Rector's Palace was a royal residence built on the most prominent site in the village - on location beyond  the place and the parish church... (continue reading)

Rača Cave

The oldest evidences of the man's existence on the island found in the Rača cave are dated to the fourth millennium BC. The excavations in... (continue reading)

Our Lady in the Field

The church was erected by the Fraternity of Our Lady, in the Lokavje filed, in the first half of the 14th century. In the early... (continue reading)

Lastovo’s chimneys

A trademarks of Lastovo (continue reading)

Lastovo Statute

The Statute of Lastovo, a book of rules and customs of the Assembly and Municipality of the island of Lastovo, was adopted at a public... (continue reading)
Lastovo people

Lastovo people

Although Lastovo seemed to be small introvert universe during time some people became well known in wider community. A few well known people was from... (continue reading)

Lastovo Carnival

Lastovo Carnival

The exact year, in which the ritual of the Lastovo Carnival was first performed, is not known. The legend says that, when the Moors were... (continue reading)

Gallery “Stranj”

In the central part of Lastovo town, 50 m after the main church gallery Stranj is located. A collection of items used in every day's... (continue reading)

Castle (Kašćel)

Lastovo town had a relatively modest system of fortifications and the castle on Glavica represents the most important one. This caste was destroyed after the... (continue reading)

Archaeological site – The Old Christian Basilica of St.Peter

The basilica is 17 m in length and 6.75 m in width, oriented west-east. It is built in undressed stone with mortar. It had a... (continue reading)

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Frequently asked questions

1.Is there ATM machine on the island ???

We have two ATM mashines on the island; near Splitska banka in Lastovo and in Port near Jadrolinija’s office.

2. Where is a gas station ???

In port Ubli.

3. Is there a pharmacy on the island ???

We have a basic supply of medicines in pharmacy which is working only 1 hour a day, from 13-14 hours,every day except Sunday and holiday. For emergency there is attending doctor on guard.

4. Why is Lastovo town not on the sea ???

Because of the defense purposes it was build on mainland. In the past Lastovo was often attacked  by pirates from the sea and for defense purposes local people built their settlements on the hill.

5. Can we by some basic swimming equipment on Lastovo ???

We have two small local shops ( one near Tourist office and another near bank) with basic swimming accessories like mask, swim wear, madras etc.

6. Can we pay with Euro and credit cards in the shops and restaurants ??

In most of the shops and restaurants You can pay with credit card. Euro is not accepted.

7.Where we can by the tickets for the ferry and can we reserve a ticket ????

Tickets can be bought in Jadrolinija’s office in Ubli or on line, and there is no reservations possible.


Did you know that Lastovo was a part of Dubrovnik's Republic?