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Pod Pinjule

Pod Pinjule is a winery located in the heart of the island between Lastovo and Skrivena Luka. It has a unique atmosphere and allows you to taste wines carefully paired with appetizers that showcase some of Lastovo’s specialties made with the owner’s homegrown ingredients. Don’t forget to make a reservation to secure your place.

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Mihajla Beach and Pier

Approximately 1 km from Lastovo's centre is the locally famous beach Mihajla. The pier features an old olive oil mill next to a volley ball court perfect for working up a sweat before jumping off the pier into the sea. Located next the entrance of the pier is café 'Mihajla', perfect for a coffee after a morning swim, refreshing drinks throughout the day or an ice-cream to watch the sunset. The shore allows for an easy access into the water with minimal shade.  

Lučica Cove

Lučica Cove is situated approximately 1 km from Lastovo's centre. It was originally a small fishing village and its old charm is still present today. The houses provide shade both in the morning and afternoon and the swimming area is conveniently unshaded. It is a popular location for young families with an easy walk-in access into the sea and for all who love to dive into the sea from the pier or climb in on the provided ladders.

Zace Cove

Zace is a cove located on the north-east side of the island. Sea shoes are recommended on entering the sea via its small pebbled unshaded shore. Zace Cove is suitable for families, the elderly and couples looking for a romantic and secluded spot.  

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Barje Cove

Barje Cove can be reached by car or bike on an asphalted road. It is a remarkably scenic route that takes you through heavenly vineyards and olive groves and ends with approximately 200 meters of a macadam road leading to the seaside parking. Its two houses offer shade and its pier, which onlooks some of the smaller islands of the archipelago, provides access to the sea. It is perfect for all who desire a private, quiet and peaceful escape to the sea.



Lastovo's old town is located under high peaks which form the base of the amphitheatrically shaped settlement. The town consists of medieval family houses full of character dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. Each house is featured with Lastovo's famous trademark chimneys known as Fumari . The chimney tops are each distinct in appearance and are decorated with cone tops, animal horns or portrait busts of a neighbor's head meant to mock them which (as some may consider) could be reflecting on the "thick skin" or good humor of the islanders still present today. Some houses also feature terraces called Sulari which give a beautiful view of each side of the town. Stone steps or Skalinade branch through the houses and lead to the main church and centre. 

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    Did you know that Lastovo was a part of Dubrovnik's Republic?