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Lastovo people

Although Lastovo seemed to be small introvert universe during time some people became well known in wider community. A few well known people was from Antica family like Franciscus Lagustinus Epidaurius – famous for bells and art manifacture, Ivan Luka Antica – poet and comediographer, Anselmo Antica – famous benedictine, Kristo Antica – profesor and writer, Antun Diodati Bogdanović- commissioner on Spanish court.

Though, the most famous of all was the popular writer of incunabula Dobre Dobričević known by the name Boninus de Boninis. He issued and enriched many antic classic and contenporery artist’s works in the time when the written art was just begging to flourish in western culture.

It is very difficult to describe typical inhabitants of Lastovo, but their temperament, that is, innate defiance, is definitely a common characteristic. Loud and fun, with strong family bonds, ready to accept strangers, hospitable – you will never be hungry or thirsty on Lastovo. They are very diligent; they used to be engaged only in agriculture – vineyard farming and olive growing, farming, fishery, even coral processing and falcon husbandry. Today, they mostly turn to tourism and trade, but there are still some stubborn ones, who do not let old trades, such as carpenters / wooden boat builders, disappear.  Although there are not many inhabitants on Lastovo and they are far away from the mainland and some conveniences of modern life, they make it up with their quality of life, socializing and enjoying the undisturbed nature.

But after a hard working week, they are always up for getting together over home-made food and drinks, for playing cards and bocce, dancing and singing until late into the night. For both tired farmers in the past and all Lastovo’s inhabitants today, Carnival has always been the pinnacle of social life, the time when all disputes are forgotten and all people get together hoping for a better tomorrow. They have not given up maintaining customs even today; enthusiastic young people gathered in the Lastovo folklore dance group and Fumari traditional a capella singing group prove that the legacy passed on by their wise predecessors is still cherished today. And it clarifies the basic question of who we are and where we come from.

source: Vodić Lastova, Josip Belamarić, JUPP Lastovsko otočje

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Frequently asked questions

1.Is there ATM machine on the island ???

We have two ATM mashines on the island; near Splitska banka in Lastovo and in Port near Jadrolinija’s office.

2. Where is a gas station ???

In port Ubli.

3. Is there a pharmacy on the island ???

We have a basic supply of medicines in pharmacy which is working only 1 hour a day, from 13-14 hours,every day except Sunday and holiday. For emergency there is attending doctor on guard.

4. Why is Lastovo town not on the sea ???

Because of the defense purposes it was build on mainland. In the past Lastovo was often attacked  by pirates from the sea and for defense purposes local people built their settlements on the hill.

5. Can we by some basic swimming equipment on Lastovo ???

We have two small local shops ( one near Tourist office and another near bank) with basic swimming accessories like mask, swim wear, madras etc.

6. Can we pay with Euro and credit cards in the shops and restaurants ??

In most of the shops and restaurants You can pay with credit card. Euro is not accepted.

7.Where we can by the tickets for the ferry and can we reserve a ticket ????

Tickets can be bought in Jadrolinija’s office in Ubli or on line, and there is no reservations possible.


Did you know that on Lastovo there are 46 churches, fields and islets?