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Caffe bars

Galerija fotografija

Bistro Domine

Bistro Domine is located in Ubli just after passing the supermarket and is open all year around. (continue reading)

Café Bar ‘Mihajla’

Café Bar 'Mihajla' is located in Mihajla Bay,  no more than 1 km from the main village. During the day, the café serves the morning... (continue reading)

Café Bar ‘Kokolo’

Café Bar 'Kokolo' is located in Velo Lago Bay in Pasadur, on the first left after crossing the bridge. The café is open from May... (continue reading)

Café bar ‘Feral’

Cafe Bar 'Feral' (meaning lighthouse) is located at the beginning of Pjevor street. It is open for the summer season and is best known for... (continue reading)

Café Bar ‘Indigo’

Café Bar 'Indigo' is located on Pjevor street and is open all year round. It is known for its large terrace with beautiful panoramic views... (continue reading)

Café Bar “Mamilo”

Located two doors down from the tourist office, Café Bar ''Mamilo'' offers one of the best panoramic views of the entire village. Besides coffee, the... (continue reading)

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